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Small Call PRO

4.99 usd

Small Call PRO handles incoming calls with a text message like notification. You could be texting, updating Twitter or Facebook, surfing the web, sending out an e-mail or in the middle of a serious game of Angry Birds, when you suddenly get a call or text message that disrupts what youre doing. Small Call PRO allows you to continue what youre doing with minimal interruption; a smart app for your smartphone.
Features one-line text notification at the bottom of the screen in an open app, scrolling incoming text messages, a one second ring tone option, and more.
Incoming calls or texts will not interrupt what youre doing any longer. See Small Call excellent reviews in,,, and We have no competition. No other app can do what Small Call does.
Small Call has been intelligently designed to work with other applications exception handling criteria to deliver the best possible experience. Some less well designed applications are developed without exception handling in mind, and may have slightly different effect under the reigns of Small Call. As an example think of when a YouTube video is interrupted by an incoming call and the video is completely reset. These interruptions are few and far between, and if you encounter an application that does not interact with Small Call flawlessly please request that application developer to enhance their app with proper exception handling routines.
Please, email us with any issues. We are continually working to make Small Call one of the best apps on the market and your input helps this process. Remember, we are doing what has never been done before on an Android phone and your endorsement is what keeps us improving.
Thank you again for your support!
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